Reserve Studies - The Complete Guide


Reserve Studies - The Complete Guide, at 436 pages, is the most comprehensive anaylsis of this topic ever undertaken.   This guide examine the conceptual framework of and identifies the principles underlying the reserve study process, and discusses and evaluates the different standards applicable to reserve studies.  These factors all have a significant impact on the integrity of the reserve study process, and there has been little attention given to these factors in the past. 

The reserve study process is composed of three separate disciplines; (1) maintenance of physical components, (2) valuation / pricing of those components, and (3) financial modeling and presentation (reporting) of reserves.   This guide is the first effort to fully explore all three disciplines and their impact on the reserve study process.  Engineers and the topic of components have dominated the discussion of reserves for the last twenty years, with no significant discussion of valuation or financial reporting.  Consequently, this guide represents a breakthrough in fully exploring all three disciplines.

Gary Porter, RS, FMP, CPA, is the primary author of this guide.  As a Facilities Management Professional (FMP - credential of the International Facilities Management Association), he holds a credential in the discipline most directly applicable to evaluating components for purposes of a reserve study, maintenance of physical facilities.  As a former partner in a public adjusting (insurance) company, he gained unparalleled valuation skills.  There is no tougher test of valuation (pricing) than convincing and insurance company to pay a claim they don't want to pay.  His public adjusting background dates back to assisting associations recovering from the 1994 Northridge earthquake, and subsequent projects for several  years.  As a CPA, and developer of the Facilities 7 reserve study software program, he has the financial modeling and presentation skills critical to understanding reserve study reports.


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