Request For Proposal - Reserve Study Services

It's easy to request a proposal from us.  Simply download the RFP form below, fill it out, and return it to us.  We may ask a few more questions, but, generally, the responses on the form are enough to allow us to prepare a proposal for you.

The first page of the RFP form is designed for smaller associations that don't have a lot of common area components, and requires little information from you.  The second page is designed as a supplement for more complex and timeshare associations, and prompts you to describe your common area components to us in more detail.  We can submit an informed proposal only when we have a comprehensive understanding of the physical development.

If your association contains townhouse units, please let us know if the association or the members are responsible for building exterior maintenance.

Download the RFP Form here.  This document is a PDF form that you must fill out manually then scan and email back to us as an attachment, or fax to us at 805-715-0586.