Reserve Studies - The Complete Guide is 436 pages explaining the concepts and process for making a reserve study. For more information and to order, click here.



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Let Us Perform Your Next Reserve Study.

Reference this special offer along with your request for proposal and you will also get a free update for your reserve study next year. That’s the equivalent of a 25% savings.

We can normally arrange for a site inspection within days after receiving a signed contract.  And, we offer a guaranteed quick report turnaround time. We guarantee two weeks to complete the reserve study report, and for most associations we can give you the report in one week.

How can we do this when our competitors are telling you they need six weeks to generate a report? Our advanced technology and site inspection methods allow us to gather information quickly and turn it into reports quickly. Our extensive master cost database, which is regularly updated, allows us to determine replacement costs quickly without having to reinvent the wheel for every reserve study.

These factors also allow us to keep our fees competitive.

Our unique, copyrighted, reserve study comparison exhibit will also save you time in reviewing the report. This report exhibit compares our current reserve study report to the association’s prior reserve study report. This makes it drop dead simple to compare the new reserve study report to the old one. Our two-page exhibit compares replacement cost totals both on a category and a component level, so you can quickly determine where the differences lie. This will save you at least an hour in reviewing the report.

Call us. You’ll find we are responsive. We have the experience to do the job right. We have the staffing and technology to get the job done. Fast.

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