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Facilities 7 Modules

The basic premise of a facilities maintenance management system is that it must be able to track maintenance activities at the level at which they actually occur.  While other systems may attempt this, those systems quickly lose appeal because of their poor design.  Only a multi-level database structure allows a user to glean useful information from the system by easily flowing data upwards to summary levels where it can be easily understood.  Too much detail, and not the correct information, in reports makes them unreadable.  Facilities 7 addresses this by having the appropriate level of information presented in the appropriate format.  Users may easily select how they want to view and report data.

The Facilities 7 reserve fund study module is complete and is being used by hundreds of associations.   Remaining Facilities 7 modules are still under construction.

1 - Reserve Study / Long Term Capital Replacement Budget

Establishes your long-term maintenance plan and calculates long term capital requirements for replacement of physical facilities and assets.  Projects future funding requirements as a 30-year financial forecast.  Includes ability to interface with your existing general ledger software so you know that all costs are accounted for.

2 - Capital Improvements

Establishes your long-term capital improvements plan for acquisition or construction of new assets (as opposed to replacements).  Calculates funding requirements as a 30-year financial forecast.

3 - Operations Management

Establishes your annual maintenance plan and calculates capital requirements for maintenance of physical facilities and assets.  Projects future funding requirements as a 5-year financial forecast.
Tracks all maintenance activities comprising your annual operating maintenance budget to help you control operating costs.  Allows you to build your budget based on actual projected activities rather than just making gross estimates based on prior year.  Includes powerful work order system, purchase order capability, and payroll cost analysis.

4 - Asset Management

Allows you to track all physical assets, including those too small to be included in long term capital replacement budget or operations management budget, but that still require accountability.  Tracking capability by location, department, responsible individual.  Barcode and RFID capability.

5 - Insurance Tracking

Allows you to create comprehensive reserve analysis and reports of your insurable assets to protect you from over or under insuring your assets.  This powerful tool allows you to combine separate components together into a single group for insurance analysis purposes.  Allows separate tracking of insurance appraisal values at original cost, current replacement value, and depreciated value for those items that make up your insurable asset database

6 - Depreciation

Calculates all popular book and tax depreciation methods.  Complete set of reports to meet your operating and tax reporting needs.

7 - Project Management

This powerful tool gives you the capability to combine all components that may comprise a special project, such as water damage affecting select units on several floors of a high rise development, construction defects, or any other special project.  All costs and activities can be tracked in this module so that you can determine actual and projected costs of an entire project that does not fall within the realm of you normal operating or reserve budget.

To see a complete description of the Facilities 7 system, visit the Percipient Software, LLC website.