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New England reserve studies

January 2014 saw the opening of our east coast regional office.  Lynn Sallee, an experienced RS (Reserve Specialist) joined the FAI team to serve our east coast clients.  Based in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Mr. Sallee is within easy reach of many associations.

The FAI east coast office is located at

Facilities Advisors Inc.

225 Cedar Hill St, Ste 200, Marlborough, MA 01752, Ph. No: +1 805-658-8007



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Lynn Sallee has been in commercial and residential construction, development, management and financing since 1974. His background is unique with lengthy periods of experience on both sides of the property table as a producer and as planner / financier. This professional blend of business background, coupled with 4 years community and HOA property management provides experience and insights invaluable in his reserve study inspections and finished reports. Mr. Sallee holds the RS designation from Community Associations Institute.